Top Bay Area Public School for low-income latino students in high school 2019

Innovate Public School 
Honors Making Waves Academy

Out of 1,200+ Bay Area public schools, Making Waves Academy is ranked #3 for serving low-income Latino students in the Innovate Public Schools 2019 report.




Enrollment for 2017-18 is 795 students. Students are drawn from 11 cities and 39 schools in western Contra Costa County; 98% are students of color and 83% qualify for Free and Reduced Lunch.


College Acceptance

Over 95% of MWA Upper School graduates are enrolled in post-secondary schools: about 70% in 4-year colleges and universities and about 25% in community colleges.


Academic Support

We provide differentiated instruction for all students and have robust support programs for those performing in the lowest quartile.



Learn. Graduate. Give Back.

Making Waves Academy


Making Waves commits to rigorously and holistically preparing students to gain acceptance to and graduate from college to ultimately become valuable contributors to the workforce and their communities.

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