CEO Welcome


A new school year at Making Waves Academy is filled with opportunities for growth and consistency.  While some of the challenges we faced last year remain (such as COVID, staffing shortages, and students adjusting to the daily routine of school again), we are encouraged and hopeful that this year will be a bit better.  The committed MWA staff excitedly welcomed students back to campus to start a new school year.

Despite the challenges we faced last year, as a community, we persisted.  We celebrated the resilience of our students, particularly our seniors, who continue to pursue a range of post-secondary pathways including college, career, vocational, and gap year options. Our goal continues to be college and career preparation for all of our students, known as Wave-Makers, while also supporting and celebrating student agency in plotting out pathways aligned with the dreams they have for themselves.

More specifically, areas of focus for the 2022-23 school year are:

  1. Safety: Through routines, expectations, practices, and systems. 

  2. Culture: creating a positive, asset-based culture of both accountability and connection.

  3. Instruction: Helping students make academic progress and meet assessment benchmarks through standards-aligned instruction.

  4. Innovation: Trying different approaches in continuing to find ways to better support students and staff.

Under the Making Waves umbrella, Making Waves Academy partners with Making Waves Education Foundation to expand educational opportunities, college access and success, early career, and life dream fulfillment.  Our student outcomes for college access and success demonstrate effectiveness in pursuing and achieving many of our goals.  That being said, we continue to learn and strive to improve our student outcomes.

Thank you for joining us for an exciting and dynamic new school year.


Alton B. Nelson, Jr., Ed.M.
Making Waves Academy CEO