Our Approach

Making Waves Academy Schools

The support, oversight, and growth of existing and new Making Waves Academy campuses are managed by Making Waves Academy Schools (MWAS). Key MWAS personnel include the MWA Chief Executive Officer, Director of Talent, Director of Technology, and Chief of Staff. Key functions include talent recruitment, human resources, data and assessment, payroll, accounts payable, and other central functions that support our schools.

All functions housed in MWAS are services that support the continued growth and success of the schools. MWAS is concerned with quality control, ongoing support and strategic research, which create the ability to adapt to cyclical financial and programmatic forces.

Metrics for continued success of Making Waves Academy include:

    • Academic Achievement and Growth. Achievement levels on California state tests (CAASPP & CST)
    • Culture of Efficacy. Academic achievement progress as measured through classroom-based assessment results and benchmark assessment results aligned with the Common Core Standards
    • Robust Course Offerings. Advanced Placement (AP), concurrent enrollment, and expanded Career Technical Education (CTE) pathway courses
    • College Admissions Test Preparation. Participation levels and achievement levels on college admissions exams such as the PSAT, SAT, and ACT
    • High School Graduation Data. The percentage of students graduating from the Upper School and the percentage identified through valid assessment measures as "college-ready"
    • College Admissions Data. College admission, enrollment, and graduation rates from four and two-year colleges and universities and vocational schools
    • Career Exploration. Range of options for career pathway exploration opportunities and experiences


Key elements of the mission statement affirm our commitment to a holistic approach to educational programs that focus on rigorous academic preparation and on students achieving their full potential.

The goal of Making Waves is to get our students to and through college or an appropriately‐challenging post‐secondary educational program. Research and experience continue to inform the organization’s perspective on preparing all Wave‐Makers for college while also offering multiple post‐secondary educational pathways.

The Wave-Maker expectation to “give back” is defined as actions not only in the local community from which they came, but any community in which they choose to reside and/or serve in the future. Successful Wave-Makers are expected to reach out and reach back to support those who are still on the pathway to achieving their hopes and dreams.

Making Waves applies an individualized approach for each student. It accepts students where they are and charts the appropriate pathway to ensure long-term success. Our charter school and after-school programs provide a broad array of services not common in many schools today. Services include:

    • Academic intervention and tutoring
    • Mental health services
    • Nutrition
    • Test preparation (SAT/PSAT)
    • Transportation