Upper School Academic Life

Making Wave Academy's (MWA) upper school (grades 9-12) further develops key academic and social-emotional skills on the path to gaining admission to and graduating from college.

The upper school's goals are threefold:

  1. Prepare students to compete, succeed in, and graduate from college. MWA wants its students to graduate with the demonstrated ability, confidence, habits and skills necessary to compete and succeed in four-year colleges and universities and graduate from them.
  2. Prepare for, expose, and link our students to potential career pathways and opportunities. MWA seeks to make postsecondary and higher education relevant for Wave-Makers by helping them identify their passions and interests as early as possible and linking those passions and interests to a potential career. This approach recognizes that students may need multiple pathways to success in college and that their studies are relevant to their aspirations.
  3. Develop student self-awareness and advocacy skills that contribute to them being good citizens. MWA provides for opportunities for students to practice becoming conscientious and responsible people who will be positive contributors in their communities.

To ensure college readiness, we offer students and their families comprehensive services and holistic supports to address the challenges they face both in school and outside of school.

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*California Department of Education requires three years of History and two years of Physical Education.
**Science requirement includes one Life Science and one Physical Science course.
*** g requirement satisfied by the 3rd year of History (a)