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As a part of our comprehensive benefits package offered at Making Waves Academy, we offer

COLA Stipend – MWA offers a significant COLA (Cost of Living Allowance) Stipend (on top of competitive base salaries) for all Full-Time employees, intended to help employees supplement income to address Bay Area housing costs, student debt, child care, and other factors collected from staff survey data and research.

No Interest Loan – After 3 years of service at MWA, full-time MWA employees are eligible for a sizable loan that is forgiven over 5 years of additional service at MWA. This loan can be applied to a down payment on a home or to pay down or pay off college student loan debt.

Medical Benefits Our medical benefits include full coverage for you and a spouse/domestic partner OR you and any number of children/dependents.

Retirement Benefits We also offer retirement benefits (CalSTRS for instructional staff, or elective 403(b) matching program for non-instructional staff).

Tuition Assistance ProgramMWA offers employees taking college courses for pursuing additional advanced degrees tuition assistance (employees are eligible after 2 years of service with MWA).

The Program for Employees Who Are First-Time Home Buyers or that Have Educational Debts – MWA Employees are eligible to receive retention bonuses after years 4 and 8.

Leadership and Support Positions

Instructional Positions

Teacher Residency Positions

We believe in moving qualified candidates through a comprehensive interview process that typically lasts four to six weeks from initial screening interview to final selection and offer of employment. In some instances, the process can be expedited to address the hiring manager's or candidate's needs.

If a candidate enters a formal interview process, s/he can expect a process that includes:

    • A screening interview, typically by phone
    • A first round interview (in person with the hiring manager and/or school leader)
    • Completing a hiring exercise that assesses fit for the skills and responsibilities in the role (i.e. a demonstration lesson for teaching candidates), and debriefing that exercise with additional leaders in the community specific to the functional area
    • A final round interview that includes the hiring manager, our division directors, other faculty or staff stakeholders

How to Apply
Please send cover letter and resume to

Applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis, though priority consideration will be given to candidates that apply early. Making Waves Academy is an equal opportunity employer. Candidates from diverse backgrounds are encouraged to apply.