Teacher Residency Program

The Teacher Residency Program at Making Waves Academy prepares recent college graduates and career changers for a classroom teaching position at Making Waves Academy.

The goal of the Teacher Residency Program is to recruit, train, and hire effective educators that will work in Making Waves classrooms. During the residency year, Teacher Residents will commit to a rigorous and supportive program that develops highly-effective teachers. The year-long teacher residency is designed to help residents step into the classroom as certificated teachers ready to make an impact on student achievement. Key areas of focus for residents will be standards-aligned instructional planning, best-practice instructional teaching strategies, classroom management strategies, student engagement strategies, and strategies to build relationships and rapport with students and parents. Teacher Residents will also learn MWA’s broader foundational elements for effectively supporting our students–cultural competency, social-emotional learning, and growth mindset.


While in the program Teacher Residents will:
  • Earn credits towards a CA State Credential
  • Complete required credentialing coursework (100% of student tuition will be paid by MWA)
  • Spend 32 hours per week in an MWA classroom
  • Work alongside an MWA mentor teacher to gain hands-on classroom experience
  • Participate in co-teaching lessons
  • Spend 16 weeks student teaching
  • Attend professional development workshops
  • Commit to teaching at Making Waves Academy for at least three years
Available Credentials

The MWA Teacher Residency Program is looking for people who are interested in earning a:

  • Single Subject Credential in Math, Science, English, History and Spanish
Compensation and Benefits

As part of the comprehensive benefits package offered at Making Waves Academy, we offer Teacher Residents:

  • Hourly compensation for 32 hours/week spent working under your mentor teacher
  • Employer paid tuition
  • Eligible for MWA Health Benefits
  • Eligible for Special Temporary COLA (Cost of Living Allowance) Stipend ($12,000/year)
  • Eligible to contribute to 403(b) upon date of hire; eligible for employer match after 1 year
  • Accrued Sick Time
Contact Information

Click here to apply for the teacher residency program.

For more information, contact apply@mwacademy.org.