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MWA 2019 Guidebook

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Dear MWA Parents/Guardians, and Students,

I am so excited to present this new student and parent guidebook to you for the 2019-20 school year. This guidebook does not replace the existing student-parent handbook but is supplemental to it. Our hope is that the guidebook more clearly illustrates the rich opportunities, supports, and expectations of MWA in a way that is visually appealing and easy to access. 

An MWA board member who had been on the handbook committee proposed that there be some way of making the student-parent handbook more inviting and accessible. Because the handbook houses important legally required policies, notices, and procedures, we thought it was important to keep the handbook as it is. However, the idea of creating this guidebook was proposed and acted upon.  

I think the guidebook captures the mission, vision, and values of Making Waves Academy in a way that is more representative of the life and spirit of our very special school community. There is academic rigor and college preparation but there is also joy and play. 

We are excited to share this guidebook with the community as an additional resource to the handbook. We hope that you find it valuable, informative, and inspiring. We also want to thank Ms. Martinez on all of the work she led in working with others on publishing this guidebook. A special thank you and appreciation also goes out to Making Waves Foundation (MWF) and their Marketing and Communications team, specifically Ms. Mercedes Thomas.


Alton B. NelsonAlton B. Nelson, Jr.
Chief Executive Officer
Making Waves Academy





Student-Parent/Guardian Handbook

Click here to access the English version of the Student-Parent/Guardian Handbook 2019-20. Click here to access the Spanish version.