Academy-wide Support

Our somewhat unique configuration of adjacent campuses allows for a variety of shared services between Making Waves Academy’s (MWA) Middle and Upper School divisions.

  • Academic. The positions of Director of Curriculum and Instruction, SPED (Special Education) Coordinator, ELD (English Language Development) Coordinator, and GATE (Gifted And Talented Education) Coordinator are school-wide in their scope, oversight, and coordination. As a result, the aim is to develop a high level of coherence and vertical integration between the Middle School and Upper School as well as between grades and content areas.
  • Operations. The Director of Operations supervises support staff and coordinates activities such as office support, food service, campus supervision, bus monitoring and transportation services, and general facility and operational support to both divisions.
  • Technology. The small but efficient Tech Team supports both divisions of the campus and over 500 student computers, two tech labs, and over 100 computers for staff. They are vital in supporting all of our online support systems such as Gaggle (internal intranet for students and staff) and all of our various academic support applications. As the campus expands, this team will grow to help us as we begin to implement more blended learning strategies.
  • Academic Intervention Services (AIS) Team. The AIS Team was formed to monitor the academic progress of ALL of our students and subgroups (e.g. by ethnicity, Special Education designation, and English Learner designation). Initially, it was formed in response to being on Program Improvement. The AIS Team analyzes school-wide data for each subgroup, makes informed strategic decisions about instructional approaches or adjustments, and sets targets and goals to be accomplished. The AIS Team is comprised of a variety of key stakeholders from across the campus – from each of the division Directors to the various Coordinators and math and English Content Leads from both the Middle School and Upper School.