Upper School Courses


A-G and CDE Requirements


Making Waves Academy Course of Study



Content Areas



Courses Offered for 2022-23













A. History and Social Science

2 Years


World History

3 Years*







United States History**








AP United States History








United States Government (0.5)








AP U.S. Government and Politics (0.5)








Economics (0.5)





B. English

4 Years


English I

4 Years







English II








English III**








AP English Language and Composition








CSU Expository Reading and Writing





C. Mathematics

3 Years


Algebra I

3 Years















Algebra II








Pre-Calculus (Online)








AP Statistics








AP Calculus AB





        Principles of Finance      


D. Laboratory Science

2 Years


Earth and Space Science

2 Years***



















        Conceptual Physics      





Introduction to Health Sciences (CTE)








Medical Terminology (CTE)








Advanced Patient Care (CTE)





E. Language Other Than English

2 Years


Spanish I

2 Years







Spanish II








Spanish III








AP Spanish Language and Culture





F. Visual and Performing Arts

1 Year


Fundamentals of Art

1 Year







Advanced Art








Introduction to Drama





G. College Preparatory Elective

1 Year


Ethnic Studies





California Department of Education

2 Years


Health and Wellness I

2 Years*







Health and Wellness II





















Courses listed in bold fulfill A-G and MWA graduation requirements. Courses listed in regular font are A-G recommended courses or electives.



All courses are year-long and eligible for 1.0 credit towards graduation. Courses indicated as 0.5 are semester-long courses.



Career Technical Education (CTE) courses in Health Science and Medical Technology are aligned to California state standards for CTE.



* California Department of Education requires three years of History and two years of Physical Education.



** U.S. History requirement may be fulfilled by AP U.S. History. English III requirement may be fulfilled by AP English Language and Composition.



*** Laboratory Science requirement includes one Life Science and one Physical Science course.



**** College Preparatory Elective for A-G requirements satisfied by third year of History.