Group of students tossing caps at graduation

MWA Upper School Graduation Requirements

Making Waves Academy (MWA) Upper School offers a comprehensive academic program aligned with California’s University Admission Requirements (a-g). Below, MWA Graduation Requirements are displayed in comparison to the required and recommended courses for University of California and California State Universities. In order to graduate, students must successfully complete each of the required courses with a grade of “C” or better.

*California Department of Education requires 3 years of History and 2 years of Physical Education.
**Science requirement includes 1 Life Science and 1 Physical Science course.
*** "g" requirement satisfied by a UC-approved elective course.

Grade Level Promotion

Students must successfully complete a minimum number of course units to be promoted to the next grade level, earning a “C” or higher in a minimum of four “core classes” each year, earning at least 8 credits in courses required for graduation. Each successfully completed semester course earns 1.0 credit. Students who do not successfully earn this minimum number of credits may be retained in their current grade level and reclassified into a different Wave.